Pink, White, and Blue “Promote the Vote” Campaign

Date: July 1st, 2008 – October 1st, 2008

More Info:

PINK WHITE & BLUE’s objective is to get 500 young citizens registered to vote! Pink Positive NY will implement the phrase: “Promote The Vote!” and will be working vigorously to spread the word about the importance of this year’s election to our 18-25 year-old audience.

Pink Positive NY members and volunteers will be at an array of events around New York City, i.e., music festival, parade, showcase and sample sales. We will provide pamphlets about the presidential candidates’ views, voter registration forms and information about local voting sites. We will also have exciting promotional materials from our affiliates and sponsors.

Pink Positive NY wants the young adults in New York City to understand that they do have a voice in this year’s election. PINK WHITE & BLUE will provide the information and materials necessary to make them feel comfortable about voicing their opinion. Your participation can make a difference and its time for us to take charge and “Promote The Vote!”